• AVA learning

    The Chair of AVA learning from the members of Happy Health Insurance Scheme about African science and knowledge in African medicine.

  • Visiting Projects

    Friends of AVA from Germany and USA visiting AVA projects in Businge in Kamwenge District.

  • Discussion

    Discussion with people in villages on plant biodiversity

Our Work

AVA has engaged in and organised some activities in the following areas: Imparting of skills, community sensitisation about hygiene, health, proper management of the environment, building of self-esteem, use of African medicine, poverty eradication and prevention of domestic violence.

our Mission

Working with and through communities to achieve sustainable development by promoting social and environmental justice


Communities transformed for sustainable development

Core values

  • Integrity
  • Solidarity
  • Justice

we have so far outreached to some of the communities in the districts of Rubirizi, Sheema, Ntungamo, Mitooma.

AVA intends to extend these activities to and around Rubindi, in Mbarara District, and to and around Businge, in Kamwenge Town, in Kamwenge District.

Our Objectives

More specifically, AVA’s objectives are:

  1. To establish institutions and platforms for empowering people to fight poverty.
  2. To create institutions and frameworks to facilitate the sharing of material and personal resources by using an African approach.
  3. To facilitate the pursuit of education, training, research and consultancy in different areas to promote social and environmental justice.
  4. To make known and operationalise national and international legal instruments relating to promoting social justice, and conservation of animal and plant biodiversity.
  5. To contribute towards promotion of the UN Sustainable Development Goals especially in relation to gender, environment, disability, employment and food security.
  6. To create and use international and international networks for promoting social and environmental justice, by prioritising African cultural practices.

Research project

AVA recently (between February-August 2019) carried out a research and project intervention in 7 parishes bordering with Kibale National Park in Kamwenge District. We were aiming at promoting coexistence between humans and plant biodiversity. A model on such existence has been developed and a soft copy of this can be sent on request.

We also found out which plant species are still abundant, those which are declining, and those which are extirpated, that is missing in a given area.A database has been developed on this and can be accessed online after registering on https://avavolunteers.org/plantbiodiversity

From the nursery bed which we put in place with over 100 indigenous plants, mainly tree, species, we would like to avail seedlings to the communities where we did research. A documentary of about 40 minutes has also been developed and a copy can be ordered from the addresses indicated hereafter.

Recently Concluded Activities

Sensitising students in patrnership with DPFU

AVA has also worked with Domestic Peace Foundation Uganda (DPFU) to sensitise students in secondary schools about the above-mentioned subjects, including looking for means to promote peace and prevent domestic violence. The schools that have…

Community sensitisation and raising of awareness.

The activities in community sensitisation and raising of awareness in different areas as indicated above were carried out at: Kiyanga, in Mitooma District.Kyamwiru, in Rubirizi District.Charles Lwanga Senior Secondary School, Kashekuro,…

Our Partners