Between February-August 2019, AVA carried out a research project in 7 villages selected from 7
parishes bordering with Kibale National Park in Kamwenge District using a grant that it received
from USAID and World Conservation Society through Uganda Biodiversity Fund (UBF). We
were aiming at promoting coexistence between humans and plant biodiversity. A model on such
existence has been developed and a soft copy of this can be sent on request. We also documented
the plant species that are still abundant, those which are declining, and those which are
extirpated, that is missing in a given area but most probably available in another. From that grant
we also established a nursery bed. A database has been developed on this and can be accessed by
registering online on the link below.

In this project, among others, AVA others met 162 people in focus group discussions, 663 in
community meetings, and 150 in end of study meetings. AVA also found out that in the areas
they visited, 47 plants were extirpated (not existing in those areas). AVA succeeded in bringing
to its nursery bed one of these plants known in the area as omufurura (Gouania longispicata),
and is in the process of propagating it. Through this project AVA created a nursery bed at

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