In February 2021, National Forest Authority (NFA) of Uganda allocated AVA100 hectares of
degraded forestland to restore and hand it over after three years. In April 2021, AVA received
another grant from USAID through UBF to contribute towards maintaining biodiversity in and
around Bugoma Central Forest Reserve (CFR). AVA restored 111.8ha of degraded forestland
near Kyangwali Refugee Settlement using indigenous seedlings, and the work was finished by
July 2022. AVA also distributed more than 17,000 indigenous seedlings to families living in 5
villages living along Bugoma CFR. In this project, here below are some of the achievements:

  1. Using indigenous species to do restoration
  2. In addition to buying seedlings AVA has also put in place a nursery bed with indigenous
  3. In the process AVA has managed to get 13 endangered species of Bugoma CFR which
    have been planted in villages or in Bugoma forest in a variety of numbers
  4. The distribution of seedling was not limited to restoring the forest; AVA also distributed
    seedlings to more that 17,000 people, in the 5 villages bordering with the forest; AVA
    also distributed mosquito repellent seedling in one village
  5. Using the services of people from the five villages living along the forest plus the services of refugees
  6. AVA managed to establish good working relationships with the communities with which
    they are interacting despite the sensitivities relating to ownership and use of land in the
  7. The work of promoting biodiversity was not limited to the physical planting: AVA also
    trained community leaders in and sensitised community members about promoting and
    maintaining plant biodiversity.

    Through this project AVA created a nursery bed and a botanical garden at Kyabarongo next to
    Bugoma CFR

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