Since its foundation in 2001, AVA has engaged in and organised some activities in the following areas: Imparting of skills, community sensitisation about hygiene, health, proper management of the environment, building of self-esteem, use of African medicine, poverty eradication and prevention of domestic violence. Examples of these activities are given below:

  1. AVA trained young girls in tailoring. In collaboration with Kashekuro Parish, Sheema District, AVA extended this to Kashekuro village, Sheema District. This activity has been put on hold but we are planning to resume it.

  1. In collaboration with Nyamitanga Technical Institute, we trained some young people in basic skills of brick laying, plumbing and electrical installation for a few weeks during the school holidays. The young people who were trained have all got jobs. This activity was stopped because of challenges posed by the timetabling in the Institute.
  2. The activities in community sensitisation and raising of awareness in different areas as indicated above were carried out at:
    1. Kiyanga, in Mitooma District.
    2. Kyamwiru, in Rubirizi District.
    3. Charles Lwanga Senior Secondary School, Kashekuro, Sheema District.
    4. Nyakihanga, Ntungamo District, where AVA organised several workshops in collaboration with Happy Health Insurance Scheme.

  1. AVA has also worked with Domestic Peace Foundation Uganda (DPFU) to sensitise students in secondary schools about the above-mentioned subjects, including looking for means to promote peace and prevent domestic violence. The schools that have been visited so far are: Mbarara Girls School in Mbarara Municipality, and Bridge High School, Mitooma District.

AVA intends to extend these activities to and around Rubindi, in Mbarara District, and to and around Businge, in Kamwenge Town, in Kamwenge District.


Planned Future Activities and Projects

AVA intends to put in place the following and is looking for partners:

  1. Organic farming and getting international certification in relevant areas
  2. Constructing workshops for metal, wood and soil materials
  3. Identifying and using African indigenous knowledge, especially using African medicine and seeds
  4. To start the Institute for Management of Food and Natural Resources. The foundation for this has been laid with the on-going research on biodiversity along Kibale National Park, which is funded by Uganda Biodiversity Fund (UBF).
  5. Promoting food security
  6. Starting a research centre to go deeper into AVA’s work
  7. Establishing a consultancy service to contribute towards the implementation of AVA’s activities

Key stakeholders workshop to develop the co-existence model for the project with the identified stakeholders at Igogora Hotel in Kamwenge Town