Addressing Unemployment

AVA aims to explore policies for unemployed youth in three key policy areas: social work, education and labour market

Managing the Environment

Environmental management is concerned with understanding the structure and the functioning of the earth, and how humans fit in.

Especially in the promotion of plant biodiversity

Training and skilling

AVA is Training and skilling the youths in different areas.

Promoting Food Security

Reducing food waste, enhancing infrastructure and promoting more efficient production techniques are key ways to improve food security.

Promoting use of traditional medicine

Such mechanisms include encouraging local industry to invest in the cultivation of medicinal plants; exchanging information about ongoing research;

Community Engagement

Community engagement and education especially to promote health and wellness.

Gender and Youth Issues

Across the world, young women continue to face gender-based discrimination, marginalization, and violence, including unequal access to education and opportunities for leadership and participation.

Revalorising use of African science and knowledge

This is a challenge and an opportunity for integration and harmonious development in Africa.

Research in Plant Biodiversity

Research in plant biodiversity and conservation in relation management of the environment and food security.

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